"A Connection To Our Heritage
An Open Door To Explore Other Cultures"


"A Connection to our Heritage
 an Open Door

o Explore other Cultures"

About  3rd Ibero American Music and Folklore Gala 2015 
Elena Russo speaks with Liliana Robeson, Founder of the Etnika Foundation, about their mission of promoting multicultural arts and diversity, the importance of getting to know each other through culture, art and music, as well as their upcoming event. The 3rd Ibero-American Music and Folklore Gala is being held on March 20, 2015. Follow on Facebook and Twitter. Video:  http://comcastnewsmakers.com/2015/03/03/etnika-foundation/

Dance Troupe Maryland Theater (Hagerstown) USA "Salsa"

Colombian Dance

Afrifrance Dance by Etnika Foundation

Latin American Cuisine Festival 2013